Presentation for Situation Analysis of Children’s Rights in VietNam – UNICEF

Presentations for situation analysis of Children’s Rights in VietNam presented to high-level government officials in VietNam for UNICEF.

Here are some pages from the report.

Fairly robust governance and institutional framework for children’s but implementation remains the key

  • 2013 Constitution provides for a wider range of children’s rights and Child Law and other specialized laws enacted in 2011-2015 period have helped bring greater harmony of the legal framework with the CRC albeit some incompatibilities remain
  • Strategic planning documents for 2011-2020 period incorporate objectives and targets for specific children’s rights policies and several multi-sectoral & cross-sectoral policies and programs for 2011-2015 address children’s rights and well-being
  • Implementation is a challenge as sectoral perspectives & approaches, fragmented or overlapping programming & capacity deficits tends to dilute the focus on children’s issues

Plateauing in the reduction of child & maternal mortality

Need to focus on neonatal period which contributes significantly to child mortality 

  • Location of most provinces with below national average ANC coverage in the Northern Midlands & Mountains, & the Central Highlands
  • >10% of home-deliveries without the attendance of health staff in 10 provinces mainly in Central Highlands and Northern Uplands
  • Insufficient information among women and families on the risk of obstetric and newborn complication
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