Apollo Tyres and Manchester United association launch and promotions


Apollo Tyres was looking to position itself as a serious performer and increase its familiarity with users. They sought the involvement of users on their online platforms and wanted to leverage a strategic association to its advantage. Apollo had an extensive brand reach and wanted to convert it into brand loyalists.

Apollo Tyres wanted to reach out to the masses about their association with Machester United. It was looking towards creating a buzz online among football enthusiasts about the association of both the brands. 


Multiple channels were identified to reach football enthusiasts, engage them & create a loyal fan base. Apollo Tyres’ ability to perform under extreme conditions was focused upon and was fused with the remarkable brand of Manchester United whose players train hard to win every game. Thus, emerged the idea – Performance. There are No Shortcuts.


  1. Facebook contests were designed where followers were asked to submit their high-performance videos and tell their stories. Top followers were in turn awarded with trips to the Old Trafford, Manchester’s home ground to watch the Red Devils in action.
  2. Engaging and Interactive Ads were created for YouTube Masthead, ESPN, and other premier websites. Video was heavily leveraged. Multiple versions of a varying time duration of the Video Ad were created. Unique No Shortcuts Music was designed to improve recall value.


1. Interactive banner ads were placed as YouTube masthead and other high impact media locations

2. Interviews with Manchester United Players and officials

3. Mobile App takeovers


We increased engagement by 500%, with over 6 million YouTube views and ad performances that ran 100% better than the industry average. Successful display and interaction with the masthead led to a 28% rise in search for Apollo Tyres on the launch day. Social Media Campaign went extremely viral with an organic reach of up to 1 million in certain posts

  • 4 million people reached 
  • 100,000 people followers 
  • 60,000 farmer visits on the website 
  • 100 orders worth Rs. 1 lakh received 
  • 5x Return on Investment

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